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Freight Broker Factoring

The logistics industry is changing. Today’s brokers face increased competition from incumbents and new tech giants.

We know what starting a business is like. You want to focus on your core services while getting everything else done as efficiently as possible.


  • Startup & enterprise friendly
  • Transparent pricing
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Spot Factoring
  • Automate your back office
  • Easy and free setup




Will you work with startup brokerages?

As long as you have a valid MC number and operating authority, we will work with you. No company is too large or small for us. We do not have any monthly minimum requirements.

Do I have factor all my invoices?

No, you can decide on each invoice if you want to factor. Even if you don’t factor, we provide payment processing and collections for free.

Does factoring with Stratopay increase my credit approval with carriers?

Absolutely! By factoring with StratoPay you receive increased credit lines from other factoring companies which allows you to expand your carrier base. We are dedicated to paying carriers on time and fast, ensuring your credit score is perfect.


What Services does StratoPay offer?

  • Payment Processing
  • Virtual Back Office
  • Working Capital
  • Invoice Management

Pricing Questions

Do you have a signup, termination, ACH, or any other fees?

  • Straight Forward, Flat Pricing
  • Quick Account Set Up
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Funding Within 24 Hours

How does the carrier QuickPay work?

When you factor an invoice, we will fund your carrier within 24 ACH.

Can I get a lower factoring fee or higher advance?

If you are a well-established business with large monthly volumes and stable customers, speak to our sales team so we can design a program that works for you.

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